Will Britney Spears Sell Nissan?


A brand-new announcement from Nissan and its partner, the Hype Creative Agency, announces a nationwide contest where one lucky social-media savvy Britney Spears fan will win a 2012 Nissan Versa. The contest, which commenced Tuesday, was begun on Britney’s Twitter page and will end October 10. It’s all part of Nissan’s “My Versa Road Trip” sales campaign, a current project to promote the much-hyped new Versa as 2012 models start to show up in lots around the country.

It’s true that Britney Spears is a Grammy winner. It’s true that with 70 million records worldwide, she’s become one of the best-selling female music and performing artists of all time. What’s less clear is whether Nissan fans are particularly fond of Britney’s controversial track record as a celebrity. Despite her seemingly overnight rise to fame and fortune as a young corporate-sponsored artist, Britney has had her share of ups and downs since then in the American media. It seems that Nissan and its collaborators are betting on the staying power of name recognition and an ever younger, more digitally obsessed fan base. Whether this move will pay off has everything to do with the reality of today’s rapidly changing car market, and, maybe more importantly, the ability of different demographics to buy newer vehicles in a down economy.

The rest of the Nissan Versa Road Trip consists of a web site where visitors can check out personalized travel plans of previous participants and create their own dream trip for a chance at winning one of Nissan’s most attractive current market offers. We’ve already reported on how the Nissan Versa offers its own fuel economy and value for cost, appealing to buyers in today’s competitive market. The Nissan road trip is one more way to get connected to what’s new with this fresh take on Nissan engineering. Take a look and be sure to also keep an eye on Nissan’s various incentives and financing offers for one of these brand-new vehicles.