Incentive Spending from Auto Makers Increases in August, Auto Transaction Prices Remain High

The renowned auto analyst firm TrueCar is constantly coming out with useful information for North American car buyers. Just before Labor Day weekend, a September 1 press release gave details on transaction prices for new vehicles.

Central to TrueCar’s report is the idea that transaction prices, the final sale prices that customers are paying for vehicles, are continuing to come down slightly, although new cars are still relatively expensive. TrueCar’s numbers show very slight decreases for all major U.S. automakers, as well as others like Honda and Nissan. Brands like Toyota and Hyundai have seen slight increases in transaction prices.

TrueCar also provided details on incentive spending, where the newest reports show a major lead in manufacturer offers from Nissan/Infiniti. With an industrywide increase of 3% in incentive spending from July to August of this year, Nissan’s change, according to TrueCar, is an increase of 10.9%. This coincides with the emergence of some truly innovative small cars from Nissan that are getting attention at dealer’s lots as American customers continue to peruse new car sales after the Labor Day weekend market frenzy.

All of this information can help those who have put off the task of buying a new car until after Labor Day. Although many dealers reported that their lots were flooded with customers, many other buyers are choosing to wait and see how new 2012 models are doing on today’s market before making a final decision. For all of the qualified advice that you need, continue to read reviews from major auto firms, and reports on model pricing and much more, to get the upper hand when it comes to negotiating with dealers. Dealer representatives have a lot of information at their fingertips. They deal with car sales all day. Consumers need to have some of the same knowledge to get the best deals and avoid paying more than they should for their new cars and trucks. Always keep up on the latest in transaction prices and incentive spending, as well as the unique financing offers that manufacturers create on a monthly basis. As special financing deals from August come off the table, others will take their place, and knowing about current opportunities can help you get your new vehicle a much lower cost.