Suzuki Beats August Sales in September

With the September sales numbers out for auto maker Suzuki, it seems that the company is continuing to do well. Overall increases for September represent the twelfth consecutive month that this Japanese company, with its California-based American Suzuki division, has outdone itself with sales of its existing product line.

Total units sold for Suzuki topped 2000 last month. The best seller was Suzuki’s SX4 sport sedan that sold almost 1000 units that month. Other big sellers included the Suzuki Kizashi car and Suzuki’s Grand Vitara SUV, along with its bigger model, the Equator.

In other news, it seems that the auto maker has discontinued its Forenza line of cars after lackluster sales of this and other models. The Forenza was sold in previous years as a sedan or wagon, competing with cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, but now with a leaner product line, Suzuki seems to be holding its own in a very competitive U.S. auto market.

The increase in Suzuki sales, along with positive reports from Mitsubishi that we reported yesterday, are pointing to more chances for smaller auto makers to rival the more established companies that tend to dominate the industry landscape. While it’s clear that domestic giants Ford and Chevrolet are doing all they can to offer more modern and fuel-efficient vehicles to the market, and the Japanese Honda and Toyota companies are continuing to churn out their lines of best-selling models, there are also other companies on the horizon looking to get in on market share in the American car market.

Besides offering consumers more choices of vehicle models, these smaller companies can play an important role in offering different incentives and factory direct deals to American customers. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, be sure not to overlook offers from smaller manufacturers that may fit better with your household budget and overall purchase plan or strategy. Get your hands on the best low interest financing to keep more money in your wallet as you drive away with a new set of wheels.