Normal Town Gets Electric Car Make-over

As Japanese auto maker Mitsubishi is carting its new all-electric Mitsubishi i vehicle all around the U.S., one particular midwestern locale is getting more than its share of this brand-new technology. According to locals, it’s always been a normal place, but what’s happening now is pretty much outside the norm for any American town or city.

That’s right, the name of the town is Normal, Illinois, and while they’re probably tired of hearing the puns, lots of local residents are excited about the recent changes happening on their streets. These include extensive stocking up of Mitsubishi i inventory in and around Normal, with the installation of 30 modern electric charging stations in an effort to spur sales of this innovation in gas savings. The initiative called EVTown, is getting backing from local businesses, local government officials and others who recognize that this modern investment in transportation could be a real shot in the arm for an American community that, like all others, has been negatively affected by recession and lack of economic growth.

In a video called “Welcome to the New Normal,” viewers can see these small electric cars swarming the streets of the average looking town that residents refer to as “the heart of the corn belt” and a place that welcomes the new technology as a new way to put Normal on the map.

One additional thing that people should be talking about is how residents are going to be able to afford some of these high design electric cars. With price tags around $20,000, these fuel saving vehicles are not the most expensive cars on the market, but they’re also not the cheapest. Many buyers will probably have to research some strategic options for getting the right kinds of auto loans to hold the title to one of these new electric models, including coming up with bigger down payments over time, as well as securing more credit through good management of credit scores and ratings, or making creative deals with cosigners when income isn’t enough to satisfy established lenders. If you’re hoping to buy a vehicle this year mostly on credit, look around for more advice on how to get the best financing deals and secure your auto loan for a new or late-model vehicle, and you could boost your chances of making the deal a reality.