Chevrolet Announces Prices for Sonic

The newest from General Motors has a lot of car customers talking: last Friday, the auto maker announced prices for the Chevrolet Sonic, a new fuel-efficient car slated to get 40 mpg on highway. The cited prices for the new Sonic are $14,495 for the sedan and $15,395 for the hatchback. Both models come with 10 airbags and Chevrolet’s unique OnStar system, as well as a range of other safety and convenience features.

There’s electronic stability control with rollover sensing for keeping the Sonic on all fours, as well as items like traction control and anti-lock brakes for even more control on the road. A collapsible pedal system and power rear-door child safety locks complement this purchase, which runs on a 1.8L block delivering 138 hp and fuel efficiency anywhere you go.

The Sonic is just one of Chevrolet’s options for the modern market, which we covered in previous reporting on how GM seeks to meet customer demand in a market dominated by concerns over prices at the fuel pump, as well as the renewed interest in modern convenience, safety and entertainment packages.

The Sonic promises to be a popular vehicle with good resale value, something that many commuters and others will want to lease, finance, or buy outright: the key to getting one of these rides, though, is to combine good price research with knowledge of the car financing market and your unique credit situation, or, for leasers, the details of a lease contract, where extras can end up costing a lot. If you are ready to buy, assess your credit in detail before going to the lot, and talk to lenders who can accommodate your credit and meet you where you are to get monthly payments you can afford and a lower amount of debt over time. With a little research and third party lender shopping, you’ll be poised to take advantage of Chevrolet’s newest smart roadster when it appears on the market.