Ford Presents e-News Bulletin for September 2011

As summer gives way to fall, Ford is putting the public on notice about some of its most recent efforts to push the envelope in auto design. In a September 14 press release, the company enumerates some of its ongoing projects and some of what consumers can expect in future model years.

One of Ford’s announcement concerns the ongoing development of its SYNC in-dash communications system. For those who are happily using SYNC technology, or for other Ford owners who have concerns about its existing design, Ford is sharing that in conjunction with tech firm Bug Labs, Ford teams are working hard on optimizing the SYNC product to make it more “available, affordable and personalized” Citing an OpenXC technology that’s allowing for open source development on SYNC, Ford is envisioning plug-and-play hardware and software that will help customize how this proprietary auto technology serves drivers. In the Fords of future model years, Ford buyers might be able to special-order SYNC systems with a “menu,” opting in or out for extras like hands-free phone or audio options.

Ford is also touting its line of Ford Transit Connect taxis that are now active in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. Lots of big cities are looking at the adoption of new technology Ford vehicles as a way to trim energy costs and provide modern transportation to citizens.

Finally, Ford is announcing that many of its customers are opting for new collision warning systems in Ford vehicles, including Ford’s Blind Spot Information System or BLIS, and other features that will help drivers avoid trouble on the road. These radar-based technologies enhance a driver’s ability to see into the traditional blind spots of a vehicle, areas that have led to a lot of collisions in the past. Ford calls its system “an extra set of eyes” for drivers and promotes its safe and effective use in new Ford models.

Keep an eye out for more of what the domestic auto maker is doing to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.