Chrysler Joins GM in Cutting Back on L.A. Auto Show

Chrysler and GM have both reduced their showing at the Los Angeles Auto Show to almost nothing in attempts to cut spending. The L.A. show is usually a popular place to show off environmentally-friendly technology, according to the Wall Street Journal. The L.A. Auto Show will take place Nov. 19-20 for journalists and will be open to the public Nov. 21-30.

Ford is the only one of the Detroit Three that will have a large presence at the show.  This fits with the company’s belief that selling cars instead of cutting back excessively is the only way to survive in the current economic climate.
The L.A. Auto Show has become very popular in recent years.  GM and Chrysler’s decisions to cut back are proof of just how much trouble the automakers are in. Chrysler’s recently revealed electric vehicles could be in production within the next few years.  Any new information on those would have been big news at the L.A. show. GM originally planned to unveil a new Buick model and have high level executives give speeches, but pulled out a short time ago to save money. 

Chrysler EV electric vehicles picture

Chrysler’s ‘EV’ electric vehicles could have been show stealers in L.A., but the company was forced to cut back its involvement.

Photo via Chrysler.