Chrysler Recalls More Than 20,000 Charger and Magnum Cop Cars


Chrysler is in the process of recalling 20,283 2006-’09 Dodge Charger and Magnum vehicles built with the police package and equipped with a column shifter. The reason for the recall is that the gearshift cable may become disengaged from the steering column mounting bracket. This malfunction can cause an incorrect transmission gearshift position display, which the NHTSA said, “could allow the vehicle to move inadvertently and cause a crash without warning.”

Though no injuries have been reported, nine customer complaints and 55 field reports of problems with 2007 Dodge Charger and Magnum police vehicles have already been reported. To fix the problem, Chrysler dealers will add a locking mechanism to the gearshift cable at the mounting bracket to “ensure proper retention and shift linkage function.”

This is an important recall as it can impede officers from doing their duty out on the field, create a safety hazard or even worse, it could cause an unintended accident. The recall is begins in early November.

Source: Inside Line

Photo: Chrysler LLC