Chrysler Replaces Leasing With Low Financing

As Chrysler was ending its lease program last Thursday, the company announced on Friday new financing deals to try and keep customers who want to lease.

Chrysler will allow customers to purchase cars under finance deals with payments similar to leases, reports

"As part of our annual August model-year clearance, we are leveraging the move from leasing to retail purchases to offer our customers the best deals of the year and make buying as affordable as renting," Vice Chairman and President Jim Press said.

For the month of August, Chrysler is offering 72-month finance deals, reportedly with monthly payments similar to a 36-month lease payment and lower than previous finance payment offers. Chrysler is also including a cash bonus of up to $2,000 on some purchases.

A loyalty incentive for returning lease customers of up to $750 toward the purchase of a new Chrysler vehicle will be offered, and Chrysler Financial will waive lease disposition fees up to $425.

Chrysler also said it will continue to offer its zero-percent financing for six years incentive on a range of its trucks and SUVs.