Come Sunday, a New World Champion Will be Crowned in Brazil

This has been one of the best Formula 1 seasons in a long time. Relative rookie Lewis Hamilton has literally proven his worth by being arguably the most fearsome competitor in the series. He could have won last year if not for a few rookie mistakes, and his pace this year has other drivers sweating.

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa is the man with the chance. The battle will come down to the wire between him and Hamilton with the Ferrari driver at a slight disadvantage. Technically, Hamilton needs only to finish fifth even if Massa wins, in order to beat him by a single point.

“I don’t need to win the race, but that won’t stop me from going into the weekend looking to be as strong as possible,” says Hamilton, who will benefit from a new rear wing on his MP4-23. “Shanghai was a good example of that: we hit the ground running on Friday morning and never looked back. Our aim wasn’t to push too hard, but we found ourselves in a position at the front and took it comfortably from there. That’s what I am hoping to achieve in Brazil – a straightforward weekend that allows me to just focus on my car and my driving.”

Still, Massa seems to be keeping his cool in a way. He goes into this race on Sunday knowing there will be an entire country rooting him on so even though he denies it, the pressure is most definitely felt by the fellow Brazilian.

“Yes it’s true I have a tougher job than Lewis in terms of the points situation, but my own objective for the weekend is much more straightforward than his,” the Brazilian said. “I only have to focus on winning the race, hopefully with my team-mate second. The only thing I am thinking about is winning. After that, the matter is not in my hands and we will have to wait and see exactly what and how much we have won. For sure, Lewis will try and put pressure on me, but I have zero pressure, because I have nothing to lose.”

Well, nothing except a shot at the world title. With Friday’s free practice showing both men up to speed and capable of a front row start, this literally could be any man’s chance. Getting a front row start at the Interlagos Circuit is crutial as the first three corners could make or break your chance of winning there. When the dust clears on Sunday, one man will walk away defeated, and one man will walk away a world champion.


Will Hamilton finally take the crown?


Or will Massa taste sweet champagne once again?


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