Details of 2013 BMW X1 Released, Builder Now Online

Details on the 2013 BMW X1’s trim lines and price have been released along with an online configuration tool that allows you to build your own X1. Prices  will start at $30,650 for a X1 sDrive28i with a 240-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive.


There will be three trim lines available on the 2013 BMW X1, X-Line, Sport Line and M Sport Line.  The X-Line and Sport Line can both be had at the X1’s base price plus $1,900.  X-Line models will get leatherette and leather upholstery and high gloss copper painted and wood trim pieces. Sport Line models will have 8-way power sport seats, leatherette and leather seats and black and aluminum trim.  The M Sport Line BMW X1 (available with both engines and shown above) will have a sport suspension, exclusive wheels, high gloss roof rails, sport seats and an exterior aero kit.

BMW claims that the base price of the 2013 X1 xDrive35i, which has BMW’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine with 300-horsepower is $38,450, but it’s actually $40,350 because you can’t configure a car without one of the trim lines, which start at $1,900, selected.  Apparently BMW thinks a sub-$40,000 “starting price” is a really important factor for luxury SUV purchasers so they’ve done some number fudging to be able to say they meet that. 

Source: Build Your Own BMW X1