Electric MINI Revealed

BMW has released some of the specifications of its MINI E, the first fully electric car from a premium automaker. The MINI E will be powered by a 204 hp electric motor and will accelerate to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds.  BMW says the electric MINI will still have the go-kart handling its customers have grown to love.  The MINI E will be a two-seater; the back seat is lost to the large battery pack in preliminary photos.

The electric MINI will be able to go about 150 miles between charges. MINI will provide customers with a high-current charging station that can be installed in a home garage. These charging stations will fully charge one of the cars in 2.5 hours.  Regenerative breaking will extend battery life in stop and go driving.
500 models will be leased to customers in California, New York and New Jersey.  Normal BMW dealers won’t be able to service the electric cars, so two service headquarters will be set up for MINI Es, one on each coast.  All service will be included in the cost of a lease, which will last two years and not include an option to buy, according to Autoblog.
Electric MINI E picture

Image via Autoblog.