F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Makes a Bold Claim

"I’m as good as Senna." Those words, uttered by F1 rookie Lewis Hamilton, were enough to silence an entire paddock of journalists just before the Japanese GP. Ayrton Senna is arguably the greatest driver to ever live, a legend among mere men and was simply the best there ever was.

So it’s no surprise that Mr. Hamilton has gotten a fair bit of attention for his little statement and many are accusing him as coming off a bit arrogant. He followed up his "I’m as good as Senna" with "Don’t you know I’m the best?" Many people did not even know how to react. Is he serious? Is this guy for real? These questions started flooding the net mere hours after the words were spoken.

But this display of ego isn’t over yet folks, as he later started mocking fellow competitor Felipe Massa, stating, "I can tell immediately where the line with the most grip is" and later adding, "Felipe in such conditions cannot find the limit."

Where does this guy come off? Nobody is denying his talent, but I do have a word of advice for the young rookie. Formula-1 is the pinnacle of the sport for a reason. It is a glamorous sport because those who compete have talent…and class.

Source: Axis Of Oversteer