Ferrari Releases Official Magazine

Rejoice Ferrari fans! Now you can indulge in the Ferrari lifestyle wherever you go. That’s because Ferrari has now officially launched its own magazine. Called the “Official Ferrari Magazine” (quite creative guys), the new publication will be available immediately. Like the exclusivity that makes the car so alluring, the magazine too will be hard to come by as it is only issued four times a year.

The first three issues will be 180-page, gloss-style, high-quality prints, while the fourth will be a yearbook style, 280-page, end-of-the-year issue. Buyers of any new Ferrari will get the magazine along with a one year subscription free. The magazine’s editor-in-chief is Antonio Ghini, a long time Ferrari employee. He is joined by journalist Jason Barlow, formerly of the BBC and Top Gear magazine.

The magazine’s content will, of course, be geared toward Ferrari owners and enthusiasts and will be feature-packed with all the stuff Ferrari fans crave. But what about if you don’t own a Ferrari and are just a fan who wishes to be a part of the Ferrari circle? No worries mate! You too can become a subscriber to the Official Ferrari Magazine for the small sum of $303.85 a year, before taxes, of course. At that price, the magazine might be as out of reach for some as the cars themselves.


Source: AutoWeek 

Photo: Ferrari SpA