Fiat’s Hip Little 500 Could Come to the States as Early as 2010


The cute, little Fiat 500 has become a hit for the Italian auto giant from Torino. The retro car is selling well in every market it’s sold in and it has become a hip, little car in the way the Mini was when it first came out. Now, Fiat is hoping that it can share this unique small car with the U.S. buying public.

Fiat has just announced the intention to start selling the 500 here in the states as early as 2010. The company’s newly-found alliance with Chrysler seems like a perfect way to re-launch Fiat into the American car market. The cute, little 500 might just be the way to do it to. Still, if all is fair, then Chrysler should get its own version too. In fact, the 500’s little 100-hp engine might slot perfectly within other applications at Chrysler.

Chrysler needs help, especially in the product planning department. A small car platform like the Fiat 500’s might be perfect for a new small Chrysler. Then again, Fiat might want all that credit to be associated with the Fiat brand. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Source: Motor Trend

Photo: Fiat