Ford Announces Off-Road Racing School for SVT Raptor Owners

Got the money for a Ford Raptor but not sure how to take advantage of the 411-horsepower, 35 inch tires, external reservoir shocks, 11 inches of suspension travel and the rest of its off-road kit? Now Ford will teach you how to drive the Raptor (and by extension any other similarly-equipped truck, like the Ram Runner or your friendly local prerunner) offroad.

Ford has teamed up with Miller Motorsports Park in Utah to create the Ford Racing Raptor Assault program. The Miller Motorsports Park has a 900-acre desert race course, a 22-acre high speed offroad course and am 8-acre rock crawling course, according to Autoweek. The Raptor Assault program will have three different options to satisfy everyone’s need, whether they’re looking to dip their toes in the offroading experience or go full Ironman. A hot-laps ride along program will show just what the Raptor is capable of. A three hour Raptor Assault Experience will give drivers the chance to use the rock crawling course and the offroad racing course. The full day course will allow drivers to experience the rock crawling, race course and the full desert racing course as well as hot laps with one of Miller’s pro drivers.

Raptor owners will get a discount off the price of the school, so maybe that will help prevent complaints of false advertising like those that cropped up when an owner’s group went offroading and a few members bent their frames by jumping their trucks a little too spectacularly.