Ford Counts August Sales

Just before Labor Day weekend, when many American consumers went to the dealer’s lot, the Ford Motor Company came out with their August numbers, with Ford’s total sales up 11% from a year ago. This report shows how Ford is continuing to recover from crisis in 2008, with an array of attractive vehicles that are getting a lot of attention from American buyers. In September’s assessment, the company noted that specific models of SUVs and crossover vehicles have been gaining ground. For example, sales for the Ford Escape increased to the tune of 39%. Other top-selling SUVs include the Ford Explorer, and the Ford Edge, a smaller crossover.

Ford also mentioned strong sales for its car line, including sales up a whopping 76% for the Fiesta, a popular car on today’s market. Ford also saw sales rise for the Fusion, the company’s promising alternative energy offering, with hybrid and all-electric models supplementing its standard engine options. The Focus is one car that competes very well in its segment, and Ford seems to be pinning its hopes on the choices that its new models offer to the public.

Ford trucks also did well; the Ford F-150 remains a top seller for work truck buyers who need power and hauling capacity. Ford’s Lincoln division was another winner, which according to Ford, had good growth of about 25%.

Much of the success of Ford’s lineup is probably due to the addition of the EcoBoost engine, a new Ford block going into several 2011-2012 models. The Ford company has seen America’s hunger for fuel-efficient engines and responded strongly: Ford estimates the EcoBoost accounted for at least 41% of its F-150 truck sales, as customers turned away from V8 models and toward smaller engines.

As Ford continues to present enticing offerings to the current North American market, potential customers can benefit from scanning the newest pricing and financing offers worked out between the manufacturer and its many stateside dealers. This starts with understanding which models may be offered at discounts from MSRP, but shoppers should also do their homework on affordable offers in their specific area. Look for incentives, rebates and low financing offers as Ford tries to move its new 2012 line into American garages and driveways.