Ford Credit to Help Storm Victims by Delaying Auto Loan Payments

The last thing people who just lost everything in the recent storms and floods want to think about is paying their bills. The reality though is that the bills aren’t going anywhere and still need to be paid. Ford Motor Credit wants to help these customers during this stressful time.

Ford Motor Credit is giving customers affected by the recent storms and flooding in parts of the U.S. the option to delay some car and truck payments. Ford Credit’s Disaster Relief Program allows qualified customers to delay up to three months of auto loan or lease payments, resuming their regular payment schedules when their situations improve.

Ford Credit says that customers who are eligible for the Disaster Relief Program will be sent postcards with instructions on how to register. The offer is available to customers who are leasing or have purchased vehicles with auto loan or lease financing from Ford Credit, Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital, Mazda American Credit, PRIMUS or Volvo Car Finance.

Customers who want to register for the Ford Motor Credit Disaster Relief Program also may call the toll-free number listed for their brand. The number for Ford Credit is 1-800-723-4016. Any other brands should call 1-800-945-4000.

Ford Mustang GT

Ford Credit is letting its customers focus on cleaning up after the floods and is letting them delay their auto loan or lease payments for up to three months.