Ford Down Only 10.9% in June, Chrysler Down 42%

June’s car sales numbers are in and not surprisingly, Chrysler saw a 42% decline compared to last June. After restructuring in bankruptcy court, the automaker was essentially taken-over by Italian automaker Fiat. Hopefully for Chrysler, Fiat will produce cars Americans want to buy so new Chrysler can sell some cars, fast.

Subaru did the best, with an increase of 3% compared to the same month last year. Suzuki did the worst, with a massive 78% decline versus last year. Subaru was the only automaker to see an increase in June. Ford did the best out of the domestic automakers.

"We’re making steady progress and are firmly focused on our plan to build a sustainable and exciting Ford," said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, marketing and communications. "We remain grounded, however, given challenging industry and economic conditions."

June 2009 sales:

GM: down 33.6%
Ford: down 10.9%

Chrysler: down 42%
Toyota: down 36.3%
Lexus: down 20%
Honda: down 32%
Acura: down 36.2%
Mercedes-Benz: down 22.6%
smart USA: down 56.2%
Porsche: down 66%
Volkswagen: down 18%
Nissan: down 21.9%
Infiniti: down 32.3%
Suzuki: down 78%
BMW: down 20.1%
MINI: down 21.2%
Kia: down 5.1%
Subaru: up 3%
Audi: down 8.3%
Hyundai: down 24%
Mazda: down 42.2%
Mitsubishi: down 41.8%