Ford Gives the Fusion a New Face

Though it is one of the most handsome cars in Ford’s current lineup, the Fusion has nonetheless received a front-end restyle that is surprisingly effective in keeping the Fusion fresh. This new front end comes along with the new engines that Ford is offering on the 2009 models.


Though this is the only photo shown, it’s enough to get the point across that this is a much better looking car than the one it replaces. Though many are quick to badge it a "poor man’s Audi A4", I doubt any perspective A4 owners are cross-shopping with the Ford Fusion. Still, this is one successful restyle in my opinion, and even though it probably is only a new front-end (expect different versions of the same taillights and rear end), it’s enough to probably peak interest again in this great Ford product.

Expect more pictures to trickle onto the Internet as the car’s release date gets closer and closer. Overall though, a welcome change to an already handsome car.

Source: Edmund’s Inside Line

Photo: Ford Motor Co.