Ford Increases 3% in October, GM Up 4%

October auto sales numbers are in and Ford is wowing everyone by announcing its $1 billion third quarter profit Monday. Not only that, Ford saw a 3.1% increase compared to October of last year.

"Consumer demand for our new high-quality, fuel-efficient products is driving Ford’s market share gains," said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing Sales and Service. "Ford vehicles are among the ‘freshest’ available by any automaker – with more than 80 percent of our sales in October coming from our new 2010 models."

GM also saw an increase in October. The automaker increased sales 4.1% compared to last October.

"We’re very pleased with consumer acceptance to our newest cars, crossovers and trucks," said Susan Docherty, GM vice president, U.S. Sales. "While we have more work to do, we are making progress and will continue our focus on delivering vehicles and a sales and service experience that brings consumers to Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac – and keeps them coming back."

October 2009 sales

GM: up 4.1%

Ford: up 3.1%

Chrysler: down 30%

Toyota: down 5.8%

Lexus: up 15.5%

Honda: down 3.6%

Acura: down 7%

Nissan: up 7.7%

Infiniti: down 9.3%

Mercedes-Benz: up 21.3%

smart USA: down 70.4%

Audi: down 1.1%

Porsche: up 15%

BMW: down 18.6%

MINI: down 20.8%

Mazda: down 8.4%

Hyundai: up 49%

Suzuki: down 50%

Kia: up 45.3%

Volkswagen: up 7.2%

Subaru: up 41%

Mitsubishi: down 48.4%