Ford Vehicles Will Be Less Expensive to Repair and Insure Thanks to New Facility

Ford’s new Paint and Body Technology Center is dedicated to making Ford cars and trucks more resistant to damage during traffic accidents and less expensive to repair afterward. Ford has teamed up with insurance agencies and auto repair specialists to make its cars less expensive to repair.

At Ford’s Paint and Body Technology Center, new models are repeatedly crashed and repaired so that changes can be made to the vehicles that reduce the complexity of repairs. The facility is also being used to determine the best and fastest procedures for vehicle repairs. This is the first time that an automaker has combined forces with insurance agencies and repair facilities to reduce repair costs. 
The changes made at Ford to reduce repair costs have been successful so far. The 2008 Ford Mustang is 50% less expensive to repair than the 2000 model, according to Ford’s press release.
The 2009 F-150, which was the first vehicle to utilize the Paint and Body Technology Center, is built with a three-piece frame rather than a typical one-piece frame. The three-piece frame could shave as much as $2,000 off the repair cost after an accident in which the frame is bent. This could mean the difference between a totaled truck and a repairable one in many cases.
Ford’s focus on low repair costs will mean lower insurance costs for car owners. Many new car buyers forget that insurance premiums can be almost as expensive as car loan payments each month. New car shoppers should always remember to check the insurance rates on the cars they’re comparing.  Two cars with the same MSRP could have very different costs when you factor in insurance.

Ford Mustang GT/CS picture