Ford’s April Sales Down 31.6%, GM Down 33.7%

April’s car sales numbers are in and although Ford was down 31.6% for the month compared to last April, it fared better than it did in March, with a 41% loss. GM’s April sales, down 33.7%, also increased over March’s decline of 45%. With all the bankruptcy news, it’s no surprise that Chrysler’s April sales fell 48% compared with last April.

One brand that was a big surprise with April sales was smart USA. In previous months, smart USA was up about 1% each month. This month, it saw sales drop almost 50%. It seems car buyers may be losing their interest in small, fuel-efficient city cars.

Subaru did the best, with a loss of only 6.7% compared to the same month last year. Suzuki did the worst, with a whopping 74% decline versus last year.

April 2009 sales:
GM: down 33.7%
Ford: down 31.6%
Chrysler: down 48%
Toyota: down 42.2%
Lexus: down 39.2%
Honda: down 24.5%
Acura: down 32.3%

Mercedes-Benz: down 28.1%
smart USA: down 49.9%
BMW: down 38.4% (includes MINI)
Audi: down 9.3%
Porsche: down 35.5%
Nissan: down 36.3%
Infiniti: down 48.3%
Subaru: down 6.7%
Volkswagen: down 16.1%
Hyundai: down 14%
Kia: down 14.8%
Mazda: down 32.1%
Mitsubishi: down 55.9%
Suzuki: down 74%