Tata Nano Could be World’s Best Selling Car

The Tata Nano, which is the world’s least expensive car at just $2,000, launched earlier this month in India. The response has been immense. Indian newspapers are claiming that as many as one million orders for the tiny car have poured in, according to Edmunds Inside Line.

Tata is refusing to estimate the number of orders it has received for the Nano, and only has one plant, capable of manufacturing 50,000 units per year, operational at this time. A second plant will come online sometime in early 2010 that will initially be able to produce 350,000 units each year, but could potentially be scaled to produce as many as 500,000 per year.

If that number is accurate and Tata were able to manufacture enough Nanos to meet the demand, the car would easily beat the current world leader in yearly auto sales, the F-Series pickup line, which sold just over 500,000 units in 2008.

Between April 9 and 26, customers were able to apply for a Nano at more that 30,000 locations throughout India. The first 100,000 Tata Nanos will be available to customers randomly selected from the list of applications. Anyone not selected in the initial batch will be put on a waiting list, which could be years long.