Gas Prices Drop For 11th Day in a Row

The average price for a gallon of gas has dropped to $3.958 after 11 straight days of declining prices, according to AAA.

Motorists haven’t seen this price since May, signaling that we might have seen gas prices peak for the summer and they could be on their way back down.

Ethanol now costs $3.222 a gallon and diesel is averaging $4.736 a gallon, reports Both fuels dropped a bit in price.

Alaska currently has the highest gas price at $4.643 a gallon and Hawaii is in second place at $4.479 a gallon. California drivers are paying $4.316 on average.

Oklahoma has the least expensive gas at $3.686 a gallon. In Minnesota, the next cheapest state for gas, drivers are paying $3.714 on average, followed by Ohio at $3.73.

We can only hope gas prices will continue to fall. Isn’t it crazy how we are considering gas prices less than $4 a gallon a bargain?