Atlanta Gas Shortage Could Continue Until Columbus Day

Atlanta, Ga. is coping with gasoline shortages after hurricanes Gustav and Ike shut down Gulf Coast refineries.  Officials say the gas shortage is partly due to panicked motorists topping off their cars more than usual and say the shortage will be over before Colombus day.

Employers are trying to find a solution to this problem because many employees don’t have enough gas to get to work.  Many people are taking public transportation, and officials in charge of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority are prepared to alter schedules to cope with any increased demand.  Telecommuting is also being encouraged at many companies, including Delta Air Lines and the CDC, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

"We encourage people to car pool, and we’re seeing more people doing it this past week,” says Norman Black of UPS.

Nashville, Tenn. gas station

A Citgo station in Nashville runs out of gas on Sept. 19.

Nashville, Tenn. is also dealing with gas shortages, but now 70 to 80 percent of the city is supplied, Randy Bly of AAA South says.

Photo via the AP.