Fuel-Saving Tips That Actually Waste Gas’s Insurance Blog had a great story recently listing a few tips that people think can help save gas but actually do more harm than good by wasting gas.

Gas-wasting tip #1: Accelerating extremely slowly.
Punching your vehicle from 0-60mph in 6 seconds doesn’t help fuel economy, but neither does accelerating at a snail’s pace.  While accelerating slowly may seem like a great strategy, it actually bogs down the engine and uses more fuel.  Not to mention it’s extremely annoying.  Keep your bank account healthy and find a happy accelerating medium.
Gas-wasting tip #2: Turning the air conditioner off and rolling down the windows on the highway.
Rolling down a vehicle’s windows creates extra drag, making the engine work harder.  In most new vehicles, it’s actually more fuel efficient to roll up your windows and enjoy the cool breeze of the air conditioner.  Besides, who wants to battle mid-summer rush hour without air conditioning?
Gas-wasting tip #3: Trucks driving with the tailgate down.
While it may seem like a good idea to lower a truck’s tailgate, doing so actually decreases fuel economy.  When a truck’s tailgate is raised, a protective air bubble will form in the bed, making the truck a bit more aerodynamic.  So next time you spot someone driving with their tailgate lowered, do them a huge favor and give them a link to this blog posting.
Gas-wasting tip #4: Driving halfway across the city to buy cheaper gas.
This is the most ridiculous tip of all.  "Gas is $3.90 down the block, but it’s $3.86 five miles down the road. Hmm…"
Unless you’re going to save a substantial sum, just fill up at the nearest gas station.  The gas you burn travelling to a more distant location will easily eliminate any savings you might enjoy.  How much money are you really going to save by buying gas at a station that’s $.04 cheaper anyway?  A quarter or two per fill up?
Even if you do save a little, isn’t your time spent sitting in traffic worth anything?  How about the extra smog you’re releasing into the atmosphere?  Wear and tear on the vehicle?  Not to mention the extra risk of getting into a car accident.
Here are some simple fuel-saving tips you can count on.  Drive slower, smoothly and as seldom as possible.  And if you can afford a hybrid, buy one.