GM Apologizes to Consumers in Ad

General Motors is running an advertisement apologizing to American consumers. In the print ad, which was run in Monday’s edition of Automotive News, GM says it has “disappointed” and “betrayed” its customers.

"While we’re still the U.S. sales leader, we acknowledge we have disappointed you," the ad says. "At times we violated your trust by letting our quality fall below industry standards and our designs became lackluster."
The ad, titled "GM’s Commitment to the American People" according to Reuters, is a departure from GM’s argument that uncontrollable market forces are more responsible for their current situation than the company is. 
Tired of pleading, GM has switched over to threatening in order to secure their loan. Now GM is saying that they’re completely at fault for their situation, but they’re too big to fail. The ad threatens that "millions of jobs” could be lost if the company fails.