Gran Turismo Turns You Into a Real Racecar Driver

Finally some justification for the dozens (hundreds) of hours we’ve all spent tuning and racing imaginary cars in Gran Turismo. Lucas Ordoñez, winner of the Nissan/PlayStation® GT Academy 2008, placed third in his first GT4 European Championship weekend. Apparently that guy from the beginning of The Fast and The Furious playing GT2 before the race was on to something.

Ordoñez’s partner, experienced race driver Alex Buncombe, fought the team up to first place before a pit stop to change drivers. Ordoñez took over in fifth place and fought his way up to third, according to Autoblog. The team set a goal of sixth place for the first ever Gran Turismo schooled racer, so they were understandably pleased by his success. 

Ordoñez’ success means that racing in Gran Turismo can in fact turn you into a real live race driver. So put down the schoolbooks and pick up the controller if you ever want to be a star racecar driver.

Gran Turismo racer picture

Picture via Autoblog.