Honda’s Vision of the Future of Sports Cars


Honda recently revealed a concept study that shows the company’s vision for the sports car of the future. Called the FC Sport, it’s a radical shape that definitely screams "I come from the future." More specifically, it shows what a fuel cell sports car should look like.

The FC Sport distinguishes itself with its storm trooper styling and a seating position last seen on the legendary McLaren F1. The driver sits right in the middle with two passengers flanking each side. This gives the driver a position similar to a race car. The car’s fuel cells are fitted to the front, while the electric motor, the battery and the hydrogen tanks are sorted in the back.

Honda hasn’t released any specs and we’d be surprised if it even ran. Though this is purely a design exercise, it’s cool to see what designers are thinking about doing in the future.


Could this be the future of high performance fun?

Source: Auto Week

Photos: Kurt Neibur