Hurricane Dane – Dane Cook Buys Two Lamborghini Huracans

Hurricane Dane – Dane Cook Buys Two Lamborghini Huracans

Dane Cook brought home a pair of Lamborghini Huracans. Buying a pair of $250,000 cars in two different colors seems like a completely ridiculous display of conspicious consumption (and the “SuccessIsCreated” hashtag provides a solid argument for that, are you going to try to sell me herbalife now Dane?), until you consider that if you had a pair of shoes you really liked, you wouldn’t think it excessive to buy them in both brown and black, and what are cars except for shoes for your whole body? So no matter what sort of mood he’s in, be it cruising the beach in a light and airy white Lambo or cultivating an atmosphere of stealth and mystique in a black Lambo, he’s got a Huracan for that.


Sometimes when you can’t decide you’ve just gotta get’em both.

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Dane Cook gets extra points for calling his shot trying to match Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld’s car collections. He’s picked two great targets to aim at.

And as a bonus, here’s a throwback picture of Dane driving a sweet NASCAR.


Images via Dane Cook’s Instagram