Tesla Model S Insane Mode Is a Little Too Crazy For Some Passengers

The Tesla Model S – the refined and responsible daily drivable electric car that is designed to compete with the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E Class, comes with a feature called “insane mode.” As you can imagine, insane mode turns the car from a well mannered salary man fit for commuting to and from the office every day into that same salary man in Vegas for a week-long convention with a huge daily stipend.

Drag Times has a video compilation of passenger reactions to the Model S P85D launching in Insane mode.

The Model S P85D has 691-horsepower and 864 lb-ft of torque, and because this is an electric motor all of that power comes on immediately. Drag Times did another video comparing the standard Sport mode with Insane mode. In Insane mode, the Model S did 0-60 in 3.17 seconds, while in Sport mode it was a turtlesque 4.04 seconds. Those times aren’t on a prepped drag strip either, those runs were on the street.