Hyundai First in Customer Loyalty

A press report out early today showed that the Kelley Blue Book company has identified Korean auto maker Hyundai as the most common return-customer seller in the past quarter. Apparently, Hyundai edged past the “big two” car makers Honda and Toyota which have been among the leaders in customer loyalty, and overall brand approval, for many years.

The news represents a first for Hyundai, where the manufacturer kept its popularity for the entire quarter from April to June, according to, the web site for Kelley. Press releases from show the hard numbers: with 52.3%, Hyundai won out over Honda, with 49.7% and Toyota with 42.7%. Next was Ford, a domestic brand known for its loyal U.S. audience, with 45.4% and Subaru, a brand that garnered about 44%, which we’re assuming was partially based on the perennial popularity of solid, road-worthy vehicles like the Forester, which customers are also known to buy again and again.

Within the car industry in general, experts have been seeing reduced customer loyalty as economic shifts occur around the world. In leaner times, customers may decide not to spend extra money on a solid brand, or look for current alternatives such as special rebates or incentives. However, also reported that luxury car makers like Audi and BMW, as well as the iconic Mercedes-Benz line, did well in Q2, compared to the first quarter of 2011, though sales are still not as robust as they were in prior years before the U.S. mortgage crisis and subsequent events brought a “new normal.”

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