Infiniti Offers 0% Financing For 6 Years on Two of its Models

Infiniti is currently offering 0% financing for 6 years on two of its SUVs. The 2008 models of the EX35 and QX56 are included in the offer.

Infiniti EX35 crossover

Infiniti’s EX35 crossover SUV

According to Infiniti’s Web site, buyers have to be well-qualified (have stellar credit) and might have to put down a down payment. Also, the vehicle must currently be in dealer’s stock.

Infiniti QX56

Infiniti’s QX56 SUV

The offer is good until September 9 and can save buyers quite a bit of money. The EX35 starts at $35,450 and the QX56 starts at $52,450.

No surprise here that Infiniti is only offering 0% financing on two of its SUVs and not on any of its sedans or its coupe.