Jeep’s Coming to You


For those American consumers who are willing to consider a new car buy in a tumultuous market, Chrysler is helping the public take the first step toward their line of 2011 Jeep products by putting together a “traveling showroom” environment that offers key alternatives to the traditional dealer test drive.

A June 3 press release shows Chrysler plans to offer new car buyers the keys to a 2011 Jeep at malls across America, from Oregon to California on the West Coast, and to areas like Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia Mall for east coasters, as well as other strategic cities around the country.

What this means for new car buyers considering the Jeep line is the chance to separate the test drive from other less fun parts of the sales process, like the inevitable haggling over an auto financing agreement. A very small minority of customers buys new vehicles with cash, and auto financing deals are a mainstay of the new car market, particularly in a tougher economy. But with so much trepidation around the auto sales process currently, sometimes getting your interest rate and other key points negotiated cuts into the time that you take to “get to know your vehicle” on the lot. By letting drivers try a 2011 Jeep in a no-pressure environment, the auto maker is allowing consumers to approach the sale as a multi-step process. That means you can take your time browsing, as well as checking your credit score, visiting third party lenders and getting pre-qualified to know where you stand, so that when you go to borrow money for your new Jeep, you’ll get a lot less of the unpleasant surprises that one-day buyers experience.

Chrysler’s on-the-road showroom will feature the lineup of 2011 Jeep models, from the 2011 Jeep Compass, a small SUV with fuel-efficiency and a lower price tag, to mid-trims for Patriot and Liberty models, as well as the “flagship” 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the hardy 2011 Jeep Wrangler and the 2011 Wrangler unlimited, a rare “convertible SUV” with versatile design. Check out these opportunities to shop for your new Jeep in peace and be deliberate about picking out a new ride.