Kelley Adds Auto Maintenance Merchandising to Site

A new announcement from major auto retail firm Kelley Blue Book is showing that the company is adding a range of sales features to its web site, The web site has been a mainstay for American car owners for years; those who want to get access to fair pricing for vehicles can use the simple interface at to get accurate values by entering the year, make and model as well as overall condition, zip code and features. Consumers who use can get private sale prices for those times when a buyer contacts a seller directly through a classified ad. They can also get suggested dealer sale values, and trade-in pricing for negotiating an upgrade at a local dealership.

Now, Kelley is adding the ability to sell tires, oil and other maintenance items on the site, providing a kind of one-stop shopping experience. Kelley estimates that over 17 million users visit the site every month, and of these, the company believes that around 40% are likely to be in the market for DIY auto gear, from oil change equipment to aftermarket parts. The company’s OEM Partner Sales and Strategies Team is looking into how Kelley can serve these customers by allowing third party vendors to promote products on the site.

The new features at add even more utility for the average American family. The car values that Kelley provides are critical for getting what you deserve when  you give up a title, whether it’s a private sale or a trade-in. The same numbers can help you find bargains when you’re in the market to buy. Price research is a major part of car shopping that you don’t want to skip. Take a look at all of what’s available from Kelley and other companies to figure out fair market values you can use in lot negotiations.

Along with price, buyers who intend to make monthly payments on a vehicle should also understand how financing interest rates and fees will affect that final sale price. Don’t settle for high interest rates that push your reasonable MSRP or sale figure into higher price ranges. Look for the best deals on the lending market and know where you stand in terms of your credit score. A combination of price research and financing knowledge is a winning combination for buying any new or pre-owned vehicle.