Kia Ships 1 Millionth Car Through Tacoma

A new report from America’s North Pacific port of Tacoma shows just how well South Korean auto maker Kia has been doing in the North American market. A press release from Aug. 12 announced the processing of the one millionth Kia car though the port, citing the business agreement with Kia’s American market subsidiary as a main driver for jobs in the Tacoma area. Officials posed with the 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid, the third generation of this best-selling sedan. The Kia Optima represents part of a lineup that has been competing with offerings of American makers and other international brands as American consumers search for fuel economy, new modern conveniences, and overall value for cost.

The conventional Kia Optima runs on a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine and starts with a base MSRP of just under $19,000, making it a relatively affordable family sedan. The Optima gets higher marks on features and power than it does on cabin size, but with modern style and lots of tech features like Bluetooth and satellite radio, the 2011 Kia Optima turns heads on lots all over the country. Edmunds describes it as a “eye-catching class leader” with a “handsome cabin,” and even the conventional model is estimated to get up to 35 mpg on highway, with the Optima hybrid hitting the 40 mpg mark that all auto makers are striving for as the U.S. government discusses fuel efficiency standards for future model years.

For a few years now, auto market analysts have been looking at how emerging brands like Kia are taking market share from some of the more traditional companies that dominated auto lots in past years. The news from Tacoma just underscores the fact that, with more of these vehicles shipped from Korea to the West Coast, U.S. customers are continuing to consider all sorts of Kia vehicles, from the tiny Rio, a ubiquitous rental car, to larger rides like the Kia Sedona minivan. If you are looking for one of these vehicles at a bargain price, be sure to find out about the newest financing rates and incentives that Kia America provides to dealer customers. Consumers who are researching any of these options can find specific financing details through Kia Motor Finance, which coordinates up-to-date offers with local dealerships. Good research on incentives, model pricing and more can help make your new or used car search more fruitful in the end.