Kia Soulster Could See Production, Could be Awesome

Kia’s Soulster convertible SUV concept, which debuted at the Detroit auto show, got such an overwhelming positive response that the Korean company is considering making it a production model.  According to Automotive News (Via Autoblog), the Soulster was built as if it were a future production model, rather than just a one-off concept.  This means that the Kia Soulster could be ready for production within the next few years.

"The response was so overwhelming," Kia Motors America spokesperson Alex Fedorak, said, that the company is open to the idea of selling a convertible version of the Soul.

Kia Soulster Picture

This could be awesome, if Kia plays its cards right.  In my opinion, that would mean four-wheel drive and solid axles front and back, like the Suzuki Samurai.  A small, fuel efficient, serious off-roader would appeal to me, as someone who makes all my decisions with the possibility of a zombie apocalypse in mind.  I’m part of a small but ridiculous group of buyers that don’t fall into the form-over-function or even the function-over-form buyer groups. Instead we make our buying decisions based on the imaginary-function-over-form criteria.  Double points if a cow-catcher made entirely out of chainsaws is a factory option.

Unfortunately, it’s more likely that the Soulster would use the front-wheel drive of the standard Soul, making the SUV Soulster a posermobile rather than a less expensive competitor for the Wrangler.

Suzuki Samurai Haynes picture

Please read it Hyundai, and take notes.

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Also this.


Soulster photo Via Autoblog.

Samurai Haynes manual cover Via

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