Lamborghini Releases a Teaser Shot of its New Four-Door

A four-door Lamborghini? That’s what most fans of this iconic Italian mark are saying as the company prepares to reveal a car that is part of a strategy to keep Lambo profitable. Even though 99% of car enthusiasts love Lamborghini’s, 99% of car enthusiasts can’t afford one. It’s only common sense that 200 mph, two-door supercars have only a limited range of appeal, whereas a high-performance four-door is more likely to find a home with an affluent buyer.

Lamborghini recently released a teaser shot of its upcoming four-door. Sure, it might just be the wheel, but it says a lot about how this car will be positioned. First, it’s easy to see that the crisp, edgy, modern Lambo styling is intact. Second, by the look of those brakes, it’s going to be powerful indeed. What we should get is a four-door Lamborghini high-luxury gran turismo with the engine in front but behind the front axle. It will most likely share its chassis architecture with the next generation Audi A8.

"Safe to say," says one source, "that they have every resource available from the family of companies."

Expect it to take aim right at the heart of Porsche’s new Panamera sedan when it comes out. Lamborghini is serious about gaining market share. With this new offering, it will only help to diversify its client demographic. Plus, the idea of a four-door Lamborghini just sounds cool. The concept will make its debut at the upcoming 2008 Paris Auto Show in a few weeks.


 Seems like this four-door exotic trend might be the wheel deal.