Last Chance to Buy a New Saab – All Remaining Unsold Cars to be Auctioned

The very last new Saabs will be auctioned off to pay the company’s debtors. KVD Auction of Sweden will hold the auction for the last 68 new Saabs. The auction will end on December 16.

The most Ironic car to be auctioned is the 2011 Saab 9-3 Cabriolet Independence Edition. The 9-3 Independence Edition was built to commemorate the company breaking off from GM and becoming an independent automaker. Saab planned on 366 9-3 Independence Editions, but production was halted by bankruptcy and only 38 were built, according to Autoweek.

The Saab auction will also include 18 9-5 SportCombi models (of the 31 built), 29 standard 9-5s, 10 9-4 SUVs and the 9-5 Aero that was the company car of Victor Muller, founder of Saab’s final owner Spyker.

Saab fans are a particularly loyal and fervent bunch, so there might be collectors bidding for a piece of Saab’s history. Don’t expect great deals on the rare cars, but the 9-5 sedans, which are plentiful, should go pretty cheap.


Image via Autoweek.