Leaked: Pictures of Mercedes-Benz’s New E-Class Flood the Net

The unveiling of the next E-Class will be a seminal one for Mercedes-Benz. Their current E-Class has been on the market for almost a decade, and it now looks outdated next to its newer siblings. If you put a current E-Class next to the latest S-Class, the design language of both cars is completely different.

You’ve seen the spy shots. But in what seems to be an alarming new trend, studio photos of the newest E-Class were posted all over the Internet recently. These photos are good enough to have come out of an official MB brochure, so we know they’re the real deal. What is apparent at first is just how much Mercedes was exposing its new E-Class when it showed the Concept Fascination vehicle a few months ago.

The front end of the Concept is a dead-on match to the new E-Class’s mug. Four trapazodial headlights replace the oval units on the old E-Class, and the car finally shares a strong design language with the current Mercedes lineup. Just like the S-Class, the new E will be all creases and flared wheel arches. Overall, it’s a successful and dynamic design language that might even work better on the smaller E-Class. We’ll have to wait to see one in the flesh to be sure though.



Source: Auto Week