Lexus Takes the Crown in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study, Big Three Improve

J.D. Power and Associates has released the results of its 2009 Initial Quality Study. Lexus regains the number one spot, while GM, Chrysler and Ford all improved in initial quality, making them more comparable to their foreign competitors.

Lexus LS460

The LS was one of Lexus’ models that won an award in J.D. Power’s IQS.

Porsche, Cadillac, Hyundai and Honda follow Lexus to complete the top five. J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study measures new-vehicle quality at 90 days of ownership. The study asks owners to look at design-related problems and defects and malfunctions.

The Big Three all improved in initial quality by an average of 10 percent, compared with 2008, surpassing the 8 percent rate of improvement by the industry overall, according to the study.

Suzuki had the biggest ranking increase, moving from 32nd place in 2008 to ninth in 2009. Toyota earned the most segment awards at 10, including five for Lexus, four for Toyota and one for Scion.

2009 Nameplate IQS Ranking

Problems per 100 Vehicles

  Lexus                 84
Porsche 90
Cadillac 91
Hyundai 95
Honda 99
Mercedes-Benz 101
Toyota 101
Ford 102
Chevrolet 103
Suzuki 103
Infiniti 106
Mercury 106
Industry Average 108
Nissan 110
Acura 111
BMW 112
Kia 112
Volkswagen 112
GMC 116
Buick 117
Audi 118
Pontiac 118
Scion 118
Volvo 118
Saturn 120
Mazda 123
Lincoln 129
Subaru 130
Dodge 134
Jaguar 134
Mitsubishi 135
Chrysler 136
Jeep 137
SAAB 138
smart 138
Land Rover 150
MINI 165