Lincoln Features Low Car Loan Rates in February

Lincoln’s February new car incentives feature 0 percent and low auto loan rates and cash back incentives.

Lincoln‘s complimentary maintenance program is still standard for all new 2011 model year vehicles. The program includes no-charge, four-year/50,000-mile maintenance. Buyers will receive free scheduled oil changes, tire rotations and vehicle inspections.

In February, Lincoln’s 0 percent, 60-month car loan incentive is good on the 2010 MKS and MKT.

2011 Lincoln MKX

Lincoln’s 2011 MKX can be purchased with a 1.9% auto loan rate in February.

On the new 2011 MKS, Lincoln is offering 0 percent car loan financing for 36 months, 0.9 percent for 48 months, 1.9 percent for 60 months and 3.9 percent for 72 months. The MKS also has $1,000 in Ford credit retail bonus customer cash this month.

The 2011 Lincoln Navigator has 0 percent auto loan financing for 60 months and 1.9 percent for 72 months in February. Lincoln’s 2011 MKT and Town Car are available at 0.9 percent for 36 months, 1.9 percent for 48 months, 2.9 percent for 60 months and 4.9 percent for 72 months.

The 2011 MKX has 1.9 percent financing for 36 months, 2.9 percent for 48 months, 3.9 percent for 60 months and 5.9 percent for 72 months. Cash back rebates of several thousand dollars are available instead of the low car loan rate deals in February.

Incentives listed are for the southeast region. They may differ depending on where you live. Check Lincoln’s site to find the incentives in your area.