Mazda Consolidates Production in Japan

News from the Mazda head office in Japan shows that the car maker is consolidating its operations, moving production for the new models to Hofu in Japan. Previously, the cars were manufactured in three plants in Japan, China and the U.S.

Mazda does this apparently with the approval of its partner, Ford. For those who don’t know, the two companies have been operating in tandem since the 1970s, with Ford acquiring ever greater stakes in the Japanese company. The change in production location may be an issue with some buyers, but the major challenge for this collaborative venture is educating the North American market on what is available, while advertising for bigger car makers often seems to dwarf Mazda’s efforts.

Our recent blog post showed the TrueCar auto valuation company indicating that certain Mazda models are among deep-discounted cars on today’s market, where new car buyers can get a bargain, despite supply issues that have dealers raising dealer invoice prices. The Mazda iSport model and other stylish cars from this company can give North American new car buyers quite a lot for their money. Experts who are looking at today’s price squeeze, particularly from scarcities of the “big 2” Japanese companies Toyota and Honda, suggest that a Mazda (or a Nissan) can be an alternative buy that will leave more dollars in your wallet, especially with a well-negotiated auto financing deal that includes a sizable down payment, competitive interest rates, and good overall pricing research.

The Mazda6, the new car from this maker, is one that has a lot to offer, including a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that Edmunds describes as powerful, a roomy interior, and good handling. All of this retails for a base MSRP of just $19,900 or so, and for those who are headed down to the local lot for an auto financing deal, this kind of price, along with decent interest rates, can result in affordable monthly payments. Yahoo Autos cites current auto financing rates from Mazda at 0.0% for 24 months, with 0.9% starting at 48 months. See what you can get at your local dealer for driving away this kind of modern engineering for less.