Mexico’s “Green Tax” to Favor Drivers of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

In Mexico, vehicle owners of larger and older vehicles could soon start paying higher taxes. Yet, under a bill submitted to the Mexican Congress by the Partido Verde Ecologista (Mexican Green Party), drivers of hybrid vehicles could be exempt from these new taxes.

The party’s proposal asks for exemptions on anybody purchasing 2009 hybrid vehicles. Not only would these green cars evade this tax, but they would also be exempt from the general 15 percent consumption tax that’s in place in Mexico. The reform would decisively promote greener technologies in motor vehicles and could reduce domestic consumption of sacred oil resources. Though this still hinges Congress approval, the bill is a symbol of how Mexico wants to move in the right direction.

The Green Party also hopes this bill will see the rise in a trend toward greener technologies in all of Mexico’s infrastructures. The effect it has on the people of Mexico can only be a positive one. Hopefully, other countries will heed this example and follow suit.