Mid-Engined C7 Corvette Rumors are Put to Rest

Those of you who have been die-hard Corvette fans know that there have been rumors going around that the Vette’s next platform, the C7, would be a mid-engine platform. While a mid-engined Corvette would finally put it in the same league as more exotic supercars, at least dynamically, it would also squander an entire history of Corvette layouts that have religiously been front-engine rear-drive.

Well now all those against the idea (apparently 95% of Vette fans) can rest easy. The Corvette mid-engine idea is dead for now, strictly on the basis of the cost-to-benefit ratio. In fact, that is the reason why the C7 is essentially on hold. GM has a lot on its plate to worry about for now, and the current C6 Vette is selling extremely well anyways.

Don’t worry though, as there is now a new rumor going around to keep conversations at the local watering hole interesting. The rumor is that GM’s chief engineer Tom Wallace is considering a 3.6-liter direct injection V6 for the base Corvette’s engine. A V6 Corvette? Yes, with the upcoming 2011-2015 CAFE standards looming overhead, GM is going to have to think of something to keep this American icon alive, even if it isn’t a mid-engine configuration that’s going to do it.

Source: Motor Trend