Mitsubishi the Latest to Drop Out of Detroit Auto Show

Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi is now the latest car company to announce at the last minute that it would not be attending the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. Though the company cites cost reasons being the primary cause of them dropping out like this, the truth is plain for all to see. There has been a stinky cloud in Detroit as of late and not many companies want to show their products in such an environment.

Mitsubishi will join Ferrari, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and a few others in simply not being interested in going to Detroit. Though many of these companies say that costs are the main reason, it is doubtful that marks like Ferrari and Rolls-Royce can’t afford to ship a few cars out to Detroit for display.

"I know a lot of the manufacturers are making some very tough decisions right now," said Joe Serra, co-chair of the 2009 show.

In my opinion, not showing up in Detroit hasn’t been such a hard decision at all for these manufacturers, considering the circumstances.

Source: Auto Week