Most Researched Rebates and Incentives of 2010 on

Manufacturer rebates and incentives are important when you’re shopping for a new car and can sometimes help you narrow down which vehicle to buy or lease. The rebates and incentives section and monthly stories are some of the more popular areas of our site that car shoppers visit when they’re doing their research.

We went through our numbers to find out which brand’s incentive page or individual incentive story you read and researched the most on in 2010 and listed the top 10.

The individual automotive brand incentive pages provide information on manufacturer incentives currently being offered. In the brand incentive stories, we break down the deals being offered that month for car shoppers and simplify the different auto loan and lease options available. Both areas of our site help shoppers save money during their car purchase.

Ford was the most researched for its auto loan and lease incentives this year. Shoppers were also very interested in college graduate incentives in the spring and zero percent auto loan financing deals in May.

  1. Ford Rebates and Incentives Page
  2. Best New Car Incentives For College Graduates (May)
  3. 20 Automakers Offer Zero Percent Financing in May 2010
  4. Chevrolet Rebates and Incentives Page
  5. Toyota Rebates and Incentives Page
  6. Nissan Rebates and Incentives Page
  7. Toyota Ramps Up Incentives With 0% Auto Loans and Loyalty Cash (February)
  8. Best Auto Lease Deals in July
  9. Hyundai Rebates and Incentives Page
  10. Lexus Rebates and Incentives Page

Ford Fusion

Car shoppers were the most interested in the rebates and incentives Ford offered in 2010.

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