New Program Allows Buyers to Negotiate Car Price With Dealer Online

A new program would allow car shoppers to negotiate with a dealer the price of a vehicle through the Internet, instead of going to the dealership to haggle.

A new program by Vision Selling Systems, named "Vision," offers Internet car buyers more of a real-time negotiation scenario, almost like they are right there at the dealership in person.

"The Vision system invites shoppers to submit their offer to the dealer who can receive it, counter or accept the offer, and return it to the buyer on the same Web page within minutes," said Matt Christensen, vice president of sales and partner with Vision Selling Systems.

The program allows consumers to view vehicles’ price, options and features, structure a deal, with trade, and submit an offer, book a trade with NADA or Kelley Blue Book, negotiate with a dealer’s desktop sales manager online in real time and agree to the terms and finalize the sale.

Vision Selling Systems did not say how the consumer would negotiate the auto loan or lease of the vehicle. It’s also not clear if consumers would have to go to the dealership to finalize the sale and sign paperwork, similar to GM’s eBay program.

The program is already in use at some dealerships and is being exhibited and introduced to dealers at upcoming industry trade shows.

Acura TSX

If you need a new car but hate going to the dealership, a new program may allow you to negotiate the price of the car online with the dealer in real-time.