Next Week is Child Passenger Safety Week

built-in child safety seat

Next week (September 21-27) is Child Passenger Safety Week and this is a good time to remind car shoppers with children about properly securing their children in the vehicle.
When doing research on vehicles that are kid-friendly, parents should make sure the vehicle offers plenty of safety features and room for properly securing a safety or booster seat.  Some newer SUVs, minivans and crossovers actually have built-in booster seats for children who are too big for a safety seat but too small to sit regularly. 
The NHTSA reminds parents during this time to always use a child safety seat properly in the back of their cars and to restrain their child properly according to their age and size.  According to NHTSA, 8,325 lives of children under age five have been saved by the proper use of child restraints during the past 30 years.

child safety seats

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